Be Careful of Inflation Rates When Outsourcing

Posted by Ismael on December 2nd, 2011

Outsourcing long-term projects can be a tedious process, and companies should be very careful to who and where they outsource. When outsourcing multiple long-term projects, a country’s inflation rate where the outsourcing will take place should be carefully analyzed. Companies that are outsourcing need to keep in mind that it is better to work with [...]

Does Outsourcing Create Jobs for Americans?

Posted by Ismael on November 16th, 2011

Outsourcing provides the opportunity for small IT companies to be funded, and ultimately hire Americans. Although, outsourcing in general has been viewed in a negative light lately, because of the millions of manufacturing jobs that have been outsourced, the positive effects of outsourcing are rarely discussed. With the current unemployment problem, it is easy for [...]

Outsourcing to India No Longer Cost Effective?

Posted by Ismael on November 4th, 2011

India has been one of the top destinations in the world for IT outsourcing, due to their focus on the IT industry, massive labor force, and low wages. This has been a huge enticement for U.S. companies to outsource much of their work to India. Although, the costs of outsourcing to India has been considered to be relatively low, this may no longer be a fact, but a myth based on India’s low costs from years ago. For smaller scale projects, there may remain some cost advantages to outsourcing to India, but at a much smaller scale than years ago. In many circumstances, there is no longer an advantage of outsourcing to India. [Read more]

Romania: Europe’s Best Outsourcing Destination

Posted by Ismael on October 27th, 2011

Outsourcing to any given country provides advantages and disadvantages, and Romania is no exemption. Outsourcing IT to Romania provides clear-cut examples of the advantages; a hard working labor pool whose wages are much lower than those doing a similar job in the U.S. As some of the advantages of outsourcing to Romania are clear, so is one major disadvantage; time difference. The time difference between Romania and the United States’ east coast is seven hours. Nonetheless, my belief is that the advantages of outsourcing to Romania outweigh any disadvantage that may be found. [Read more]

The Era of Tablets

Posted by Ismael on October 21st, 2011

The iPad revolutionized the tablet computer and has begun a new era of mobile devices. A decade ago, most people used a desktop computer to browse the web, use applications such as word, or to email and instant message people. By the mid-2000’s, a noticeable shift had began, with laptop computers starting to outsell desktops[1]. During the same time, when laptops began to take over desktops, Apple released the first iPhone and shortly after launched its App Store. Although the iPhone was too small to be used as a computer, this was a significant step towards developing a tablet that would rival laptops. Now we have the iPad, and a vast array of Android tablets, including Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Developers will have to adapt to these changes that are taking place, and begin focusing more resources on mobile devices. [Read more]

The Case for Mexico

Posted by Ismael on October 17th, 2011

When one thinks of IT outsourcing, India and China immediately come to mind, but this no longer should be the case. As the world evolves, nations’ economies are increasingly becoming more service based. This is due to our increasing reliance on technology, such as automation. In order for some countries to be competitive in the global market, a strong IT sector has become a necessity. People are losing factory jobs at an alarming rate, and world governments have taken notice. One of the governments that have taken notice is Mexico’s. [Read more].

Development for Android Should No Longer Be an Afterthought

Posted by Ismael on October 10th, 2011

The development of apps for Android tablets should now be taken as seriously as development for the iPad. It is a reality that many applications on Android do not run as smoothly as they do on iOS. Much of this has to do with the fact that Android is very fragmented, along with the use of subpar hardware on many of the devices used. Unlike iOS, Android is found in a vast array of different devices, both high end and low end. Android app developers have been able to get away with developing good apps, but in some cases, with slow response times and bugs. Developers will no longer be able to do this, since Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been selling well, and in the short term, it will begin dominating the Android tablet market. Developing for Android should no longer be an afterthought, and should be taken as seriously as developing for the iPad. [Read more].

Why Outsource the Development of a Mobile App?

Posted by Ismael on October 3rd, 2011

In today’s era of applications for mobile devices, competition is harsh, and not forgiving for apps that do not live up to their potential. It does not matter if a newly released application is innovative and the first of its class, since competition can develop quickly, and improve on the ideas of others. It is important that those newly released applications work flawlessly and are user friendly. Having developers that are experienced in developing for iOS and Android is a must, in order to release an application that will meet the demands of the consumer. [Read more].